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7 Gems I Learned After A Bad Relationship

 Never Walk On Eggshells Love is a feeling of strong and constant affection for a person, and in this context, it's all about romantic love. Respect on the other hand, is a feeling of understanding or admiration that something or someone should be treated in an appropriate way. In a…

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This One’s for the Girls!

Tan. Skinny. Enough makeup to cover the flaws but not enough to look fake. The puppy dog filter so that her eyes are a little bigger and her skin a little clearer. A caption that she gave more thought to than anything else that day. Maybe even a little black…

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Sex Trafficking: What you need to know

Hey guys! My name is Lacey Elliott, and I’m a senior at Clemson! At Clemson, I was a double major in Communications Studies and Women’s Leadership. My focus during my college career has been in sex trafficking. I want to take this opportunity to give you some advice/bust some myths…

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Taking off the mask of toxic masculinity

Being the new REP Prevention Coordinator has been rewarding and interesting. I travel from school to school and meet different personalities. Some classes are better than others, as it a wild card of how the class will respond to learning about domestic violence and how we can work together to…

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Positivity for Peers

Positivity for Peers is a safe space for youth, by youth. Led by students who have completed REP's curriculum and want to continue the important work of preventing dating violence in their communities. We plan to discuss the real issues facing youth today, especially related to relationships: healthy relationships, self-esteem,…

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