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REP stands for the Relationship Education Project, formerly known as The Megan Project. REP is Safe Harbor’s primary prevention program and curriculum targeted towards young people. REP is designed to create a safe place for young people to think critically, develop tools and skills, and promote healthy relationships in their lives to prevent relationship abuse.

REP visits youth spaces throughout Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, and Pickens counties. Prevention Coordinators create space for young people to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships, the warning signs of relationship abuse, and develop skills to keep relationships healthy. The conversation also includes what young people can do if they or someone they know is involved in a violent or dangerous relationship.


REP is offered in a variety of formats.


REP 1 is our basic curriculum offered in a 45 – 90 minute block. This one-time presentation is aimed to equip students with the basics of relationship abuse. We discuss definitions & types of abuse, warnings signs, and how to prevent and respond to relationship abuse.


MS REP is a 6-class curriculum that is designed for 7th-8th grade students. It dives deeper into the issue allowing students the time for interaction and engagement. Educators use a variety of teaching methods: group work, activities, video clips, and music to teach students. We discuss relevant topics such as “sexting”, jealousy, healthy relationships and personal boundaries, and how the media influences our actions and beliefs.


HS REP is a 5 class curriculum that is aimed at high school age youth. In addition to the lessons discussed at the middle school level, we dive deeper into Sexual Violence with more in depth examples of relationship abuse stories. We are able to discuss healthy break-ups, conflict resolution (“fighting fair”) and further investigate why relationship abuse happens.


  • Engage, educate, and empower students to make healthy relationship choices and bring this knowledge to their community.
  • Help eradicate dating violence and build a future generation of advocates for dating and domestic violence.

To schedule a REP presentation for your classroom or school, please contact

Looking for the “Recognizing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence: An Educator’s Guide” reference webpage? Click here!


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