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Who is Positivity for Peers?

We are a group of students who have been through the REP curriculum and are passionate about spreading the message of healthy relationships and ending domestic violence. We want to encourage positive dialogue among our friends and peers and create a safe space for us to talk about the stuff that’s happening in our lives. If you want to join in, apply to be a social media ambassador here. And to learn more about Positivity for Peers and our ground rules, go here.

Meet us!

Lillie Addis was raised in Seneca, South Carolina and she’s currently a student at Seneca High School. She loves reading, writing poetry, and being with friends and family. Lillie is a big supporter of the LGBT+ community and is also an advocate for feminism and equal rights. Her goal is to spread positivity and love to her peers and give them advice that will help them out.

I am a REP social media ambassador because I support the cause and I believe that since I’m a teenager I could relate to teens pretty well. I want my peers to feel comfortable talking about real problems and getting insight. I love this organization and the people in it, and I’m hoping to go far with them.

Favorite Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You and Lilo&Stitch

Pandora station of choice: The 1975 station or early 2000s hip hop

Fave celebrity couple: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Go to pizza order: Cheese pizza with tomato and spinach

Friday afternoon, you’ll find me: Hanging out with friends and probably going to Anderson or Clemson for food

Phobia: Ichthyophobia (fear of fish)

Starbucks order: Venti chai tea latte

Greetings, my name is Jessica Goldsmith. I’m  student at Seneca High School! I enjoy walks on the beach , watching football, and spending time with my family. Although I was born and raised in Tiger territory I am a South Carolina Gamecock fan!

I am a REP social media ambassador because I’ve always looked for a way to help out and make a difference in my community and generation , and the changes that we make now can help the future generations. Also as a teen I plan to help other teens have a safe space to express their feelings and to have someone to talk to and feel accepted

Fave movie: Beauty and the Beast (2017 version)

Fave celebrity couple: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Go to pizza order: Pineapple and Ham

Friday afternoon, you’ll find me: During football season at Tom bass field , WHOOHOO Go Bobcats 💙

Phobia: Spiders & the hiccups

Starbucks order: salted caramel frappuccino

Grace Pavlick was born and raised in South Florida for 15 years, and then moved to Seneca South Carolina in 2016. Grace is a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community  and is always fighting for equality despite only being 16. She spends her time cooking, baking, and babysitting her nephews and nieces. She intends to go to school to become a middle school math teacher.

I became a social media ambassador for REP to help spread awareness about problems that face boys and girls of all ages every day. Specifically problems that involve relationships. To help teens understand that they are not alone, and their voices are heard.

Fave Movie: The Harry Potter Series

Fave Celebrity Couple: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Go to pizza order: Mushroom Pizza

Pandora station of choice: 90’s alternative and Classic Rock

Starbucks order: Grande Iced Carmel Macchiato

Phobia: Ranidaphobia (fear of frogs)

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