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Omar Jalil was born in Jerusalem, Israel, raised in Anderson, SC, went to university in York, England. After getting his degree he started traveling the world which gave him a unique understanding of how the world works beyond his own perspective. The main thing has learned is that we are more alike than we are different, and the differences are arbitrary. Now he wishes to pass on this knowledge so everyone has the ability to explore their own identity outside of the expectations of others or society and reconnect with a part of themselves they have forgotten or lost. Being a certified Transformational Life Coach with International Coach Federation (ICF) he has helped many people do just that. Omar believes that equality, social justice, and change can only come through discussion and understanding so the differences that we believe are real reveal themselves as only an illusion. He is excited to work with Safe Harbor as a REP Prevention Coordinator, so he can continue on his own personal journey of understand, and help young people do the same.


Anderson, SC

College and major:

University of York, England, United Kingdom BSc Psychology

High school mascot:

Westside Rams

Favorite band/music artist:

I love music and I let my mood dictate my favorite music.


Travel, reading, and enjoying life!

Friday afternoon you will most likely find me:

Catching up on with shows I missed that week.

Favorite sports team:

Clemson Tigers!

Personal motto:

As soon as you trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

I’m a sucker for:

A hot cup of tea and sleeping in on the weekdays!

Biggest pet peeve:

Ignorance and Complaining

I’m a REP Prevention Coordinator because:

I feel that it is important that we create a dialogue with young people about this difficult subject. That is the only way it will change. Pretending it does not exist and saying that they are too young to understand does not empower young adults, and does not give them a chance to become healthy adults. Talking about these topics in a healthy non judgmental environment will help them define themselves, and define what a healthy relationship looks like, which they can take and utilize in all areas of their lives.

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