Why do we have the Ambassador program?

So why exactly do we have the Ambassador program?

  • Ambassadors are the bridge between Safe Harbor and the community 
  • Great things can happen when Ambassadors share their knowledge and passion 
  • More community members understand the complexity of domestic violence, how to take action, the importance of supporting survivors, how to respond appropriately 
  • Connect potential survivors to our services by sharing information about our continuum of services. There have been times when an audience member ended up calling our help line because they realized they had experienced (or were currently experiencing) intimate partner abuse.  
  • Raise awareness about barriers that survivors face when trying to get help and work to eliminate those systemic barriers. For example, advocating for language access, anti-racism, increased police training on the dynamics of DV.  
  • Promote sustainable funding by speaking about our services and domestic violence. Many times, people will become supporters after learning about the critical problem that DV is in South Carolina.  
  • Advance social change and challenge traditional gender norms