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Offensive Manipulation

Day 11 6/19/21

Offensive Manipulation

Dear me,

It’s annoying and malicious when someone brings up your past and uses it to use and manipulate you. The pain in my eyes show when I realize they’re toxic and manipulative and only care about themselves. As pain shivers through. My body, the feeling in my throat, caused when I’m about to cry. I’m overcome by anger. Control at this point is impossible. My head still spinning and not believing what just came out of their lethal mouth. I keep denying what just happened, not believing any of it, cause I’ve trusted them so much. I don’t want to let them go already. It’s like they are enjoying me as I’m breaking, watching the best parts of my vanish as I realize that I didn’t matter as much. All the things I remember they’ve told me, felt like a lie. Trying worthlessly to defend myself, I hesitate to bring up their past cause I know I’m not like them. They never cared; they were only people that wanted to have control of what they never had control over in the first place. Pretending and doing whatever means necessary to hold me in their grasp. 

– Submitted by Tilo Lopez 

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