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Furman & Safe Harbor Healthy Relationship TikTok Challenge!

Description of Challenge

Furman University’s Title IX Office and Safe Harbor are hosting the Healthy Relationship TikTok Challenge! In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the challenge seeks to highlight some of the red flags of an unhealthy relationship and highlight what a healthy relationship looks like. The challenge will start October 12th and end October 31st at midnight. The winner will get a $50 prize! The winner will be determined by whoever has the most number of likes (worth 1 point per like) to the number of shares (worth 3 points per share). All Furman students are encouraged to participate!

TikTok Requirements

  • You must show both a healthy relationship habit(s) and an unhealthy relationship habit(s)
  • You must submit your TikTok by October 31st
  • Do not film anyone without their consent
  • Do not use real people’s names or relationships
  • The video should be no longer than 60 seconds

Submission Directions

Step One: Create a TikTok that depicts healthy relationship habits and also showcases unhealthy relationship red flags. You can get creative with how you want to do this! You could do a split screen with one side showing healthy habits and the other unhealthy habits or you could first show unhealthy habits and then switch to healthy habits. The possibilities are endless!

Step Two: Use #hrtiktokchallenge and tag @rep_sc to enter your submission!

Step Three: Submit your TikTok by October 31st!

Step Four: Winner will be announced on November 2nd via the @rep_sc TikTok and Instagram account

Information & Resources

Healthy Relationship Behaviors

  • Comfortable Pace – The relationship moves at a comfortable pace for both of you.
  • Trust – There is trust between you both.
  • Honesty – You’re both honest with each other.
  • Independence – You both have space to be by yourself outside of the relationship.
  • Respect – You respect each other’s beliefs and opinions.
  • Equality – You both put in equal effort into the relationship and feel like there is an equal power dynamic.
  • Kindness – You’re caring and empathetic with one another.
  • Taking Responsibility – Own your actions and words.
  • Healthy Conflict – Openly and respectfully discuss issues without being judgmental or placing blame.
  • Fun – You truly enjoy spending time together and bring out the best in each other.
  • More information can be found here:

Red flags for Unhealthy Relationships

  • Intensity – Someone expresses very intense feelings and their reactions are over-the-top which can make you feel overwhelmed.
  • Possessiveness – When someone is unhealthily jealous and wants to control who you spend time with and what you do.
  • Manipulation – When someone tries to control your decisions, actions or emotions. This can be subtle or passive-aggressive.
  • Isolation – When someone keeps you away from family, friends, or other people. This can slowly lead to a dependence on them.
  • Sabotage – When someone purposefully ruins your reputation, achievements, or success.
  • Belittling – When someone does or says something that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • Guilting – When someone makes you feel responsible for their actions or makes you feel like it’s your job to keep them happy.
  • Volatility – When someone has a strong, unpredictable reaction that makes you feel scared, confused, or intimidated.
  • Deflecting Responsibility – When someone repeatedly makes excuses for their unhealthy behavior.
  • Betrayal – When someone is disloyal or acts in an intentionally dishonest way.
  • More information can be found here:


For more information and resources, check out these awesome websites: 

One Love Foundation – The lists above are from this post and this one.

Love is Respect

The Relationship Education Project Resource page – REP is Safe Harbor’s primary prevention program!

Furman Title IX office resource page – On and off campus resources can be found here.

In Their Shoes – Furman Athletes Training

These presentations are for the Healthy Relationship Training with Furman Athletes. They are also a great resources for thinking about healthy and unhealthy relationships behaviors for the TikTok challenge, so please use as an additional resource! The stories below are from the perspective of of when abuse happens, whether it’s physical, emotional, sexual, or technology violence. They are excellent stories to get you to think through the complications, multiple perspectives, and often unseen consequences of engaging in harmful behavior.

Cara’s Story

Ava’s Story

Derek’s Story

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