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REP Facilitator Training

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Welcome to the REP facilitator training!

You can sign in above to the facilitator training. Then, below you will find the REP 3 Facilitator Training and the REP 6 facilitator training courses. REP 3 is for HIGH SCHOOL teachers and REP 6 is for MIDDLE SCHOOL teachers. You can begin your lessons by clicking on the course that you will be facilitating with students.

Above, on the “MATERIALS” tab you will also find your “Virtual Toolkit” — in it you will have access to all materials from your activity folder in file form, as well as the presentations for you to download when you are ready to begin facilitating lessons with your students.

Here is a link to our YouTube playlist page for classroom videos and our resources page and beyond relationship resources for additional supports!

If you have any questions, there will be check ins at the end of each lesson, but you can also come back here and ask them in the box below.

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We hope you enjoy the training and please reach out with anything that you may need!

MS Virtual Toolkit

MS Facilitation Guide

Lesson 1 - PPT, Activity

Lesson 2 - PPT, Lily & Abby WWYD, Jalen & Kingsley WWYD

Lesson 3 - PPT, Activity guide

Lesson 4 - PPT, Activity

Lesson 5 - PPT, Activity

Lesson 6 - PPT, Activity

HS Virtual Toolkit

HS Facilitation Guide

Lesson 1 - PPT, Activity

Lesson 2 - PPT, Megan&Keith WWYD, Jalen & Kingsley WWYD, Lo & Jed WWYD

Lesson 3 - PPT, Activity


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