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Goodbye from Nicole!

My final blog post. Boy has time flown by. I have been a member of this team for one and a half years. Looking back at the first blog that I wrote I remember being angry, anxious, and hurt. I wrote it because of my own personal experiences that I was still struggling to overcome with dating violence, but I also was trying to relate to the teens that I have been trying to help empower. Now, I think that the best advice I can leave you with is best represented out in a list:

  1. You matter.
  2. You are the boss of you, NO. ONE. ELSE.


3. Don’t let anyone control you.

4. Cut out toxic friends and family. The sooner the better

5. Let go of the negativity but don’t forget it. You can’t move on if you don’t remember where you started.

6. It is OKAY to cry. LET IT OUT!!


7. When you feel like you can’t keep going, engage in something that empowers you: take a nap, take a shower, go for a walk, listen to music. Whatever usually makes you feel better, do it.

8. It is okay to put yourself first. Some call it selfish, but I call it self-care.

9. Teachers are here for you. If you are in trouble, go to them. They are responsible for you during the school day, but they still care about you even after everyone goes home.

10. You are loved. You are not alone.



The most important way to persevere is to learn to love yourself. You are so unique and special. There is no one else in the world like you. Embrace all that you are! There’s only so much time in this world, and to get the most out of it you need to get the most out of you.



Nicole Thompson, Clemson Intern

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