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Faith Based Toolkit Review Form

For those who have used our Toolkit in their faith-based youth group discussions to provide us feedback on how we can best serve you!
  • Demographics (anonymous)

    Tell us a little about your community
    Check all that apply.
  • Toolkit Review - Relatability and Readability

    The following questions will give us a taste for how helpful or educational our toolkit was for you and your community. Please keep in mind that any thoughts regarding direct use of the toolkit will be included in a different section!
  • Toolkit Review - Application and Results

    This portion of the google form is designed for youth leaders or community leaders who have taken the step of implementing this toolkit into their community settings in some form. Whether you used the quick-talks, used the discussion questions provided, or used resources found on our webpage, we would love to hear your feedback.
  • Demographics (Optional)

    Tell us more about you, if you'd like to identify yourself and keep in touch!
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