Final Ambassador Training Knowledge Assessment

Safe Harbor Ambassadors are highly trained volunteers who can represent Safe Harbor at community outreach events such as fundraisers, tabling events, speaking engagements and other outreach activities that may arise. Another essential role of the Ambassadors is guiding our outreach efforts for example, helping us identify communities we are not reaching and help us provide meaningful outreach to them. We also rely on the help of Ambassadors for our material distribution efforts, such as taking Safe Harbor brochures and posters to strategic locations. There is a lot of room for flexibility and creativity and we like for Ambassadors to focus on the areas in which they are passionate! We meet once a month on the last Tuesday of the month for team building and updates on Safe Harbor happenings. These meetings are not mandatory; We also communicate with the group via email to keep everyone up-to-date. 

Based on your interests and schedule, Ambassadors can do any of these activities:

  • Ambassadors can represent SH at short speaking engagements, health fairs and share information about our services with their network 
  • Initiate and facilitate “In Her Shoes” workshops, 
  • Host a viewing party and discussion of a movie highlighting DV 
  • Offer to speak to coworkers or other groups you’re active in about DV and SH 
  • Can share ideas for content on our social media and can write on our blog 
  • Survivor Ambassadors can share their stories/ perspectives  
  • Culturally aware and racially sensitive 
  • Monthly meetings* 
  • If you have an idea that is not on this list, talk to Ana and lets make it happen!