Outreach, Advocacy and the Relationship and Education Project (REP)


This is the part of Safe Harbor that you are a part of!! Our Ambassadors help us with the following things:

  • Speaking engagements throughout our 4- county service area 
  • Domestic Violence and Safe Harbor 101 
  • How to respond to Domestic Violence in your community 
  • Trainings & workshops for professionals  
  • In Her Shoes Presentations (English and Spanish) 
  • How to respond to DV and how to screen for DV 
  • Campaigns that promote domestic violence education & raise awareness on a larger scale  
    • Defy The Lie 
    • I Am 
    • Being & Becoming

Relationship Education Project – REP

This is Safe Harbor’s dating violence education program. REP educators talk with students about healthy and unhealthy relationships, the cycle of abuse, warning signs of abusive relationships, and resources for teen dating abuse.

  • Presented at 8th and 9th grade classrooms in our service areas, as well as community-based settings (faith communities, after school programs, other youth programs) 
  • Empowers students to make healthy relationship choices and take this knowledge to their peers 
  • The program is interactive and uses current events and real-life examples to help students learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships