Optional: Speaking engagement guidelines

Speaking engagement guidelines 

  • There are two ways to do a speaking engagement on behalf of Safe Harbor. The first is when Ana Castellanos (the Bilingual Outreach Coordinator) receives an outreach request and she asks Ambassadors if someone can represent SH at that event. The second way is if you coordinate an event in which you will speak; you can plan an event and coordinate with Ana to make sure you have the necessary support. 

So how do you do a speaking engagement?

  • Introduce yourself: Name & relationship to Safe Harbor 
  • The Key message is that DV is about power and control  
    • The Power and Control Wheel can help communicate this message 
  • Share the current facts on DV (provided by me) 
  • Define DV: A pattern of violent and/or coercive behaviors committed by one intimate partner against another. 
    • A pattern of controlling behavior that can include: physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and economic abuse 
  • Share some reasons someone may stay in an abusive relationship 
  • General information about safety planning tips  
  • State our mission and vision 
  • List our services