When religion is a part of your story

We recognize that faith is a vital part of many people’s stories. We want you to be true to your story and feel that you can speak honestly about your faith’s role in your journey.

Safe Harbor is not a faith-based organization and we seek to be inclusive of all people’s faiths and beliefs, so it is important to keep some things in mind when sharing your story as a Safe Harbor Ambassador.

How to talk about religion appropriately

  • Use “I” and “my” statements when talking about your journey 
    • OK: “Jesus helped me through the hardest parts.” or “I never lost faith that things would get better.”  
    • NOT OK: “Jesus will help you through the hard parts.” or “Never lose faith that things will get better.”  
  • Focus on sharing your experience(s) and stay away from telling your audience what they should do 
    • OK: “I went to my Pastor for guidance, and he was very helpful.”  
    • NOT OK: “Go to your Pastor for guidance.”  
  • Remember to speak from your own experience and story 
  • Your story is not everyone’s story 
  • Be mindful of how you are framing your story and the words you choose