Types of Abuse

Abuse can take shape in many different forms, not just physical.

Physical abuse is defined as using force to intimidate or purposefully hurt an intimate partner. Examples of physical abuse include hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing, biting, choking, throwing objects, use of weapons, etc.
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Emotional or psychological abuse includes a variety of abusive behaviors that cause trauma to the person receiving the abuse. Some examples of emotional and psychological abuse include insults, threats, stalking, jealousy or possessiveness, control of activities or whereabouts, isolation from family or friends, blaming the victim for the abuse, etc. (learn more here)

Sexual abuse includes forcing sexual activity upon a partner, harming a partner sexually, or pressuring a partner to do sexual things when they don’t want to. (learn more here)

Financial abuse is defined as controlling or limiting a partner’s finances to exercise power and control over their partner. Some examples of financial abuse include not allowing their partner to work, getting credit cards in their partner’s name without their knowledge and consent, and controlling when/how their partner can use their own or shared money. (learn more here)