Ambassador Program

Finally, as am ambassador, let’s talk about the program, what the expectations are, and how to get the most out of your experience at Safe Harbor!

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Now, we’d love to hear what you’re interested in doing as am Ambassador. The last “checkin” below is a bit different as we’d like to know what kinds of events you’d like to do as a SH Ambassador. So let us know what you are most interested in so that we can better connect you with the right opportunities!


Ambassador Training Ambassador Program Checkin (5)

Checkin after completing Lesson 5 - Ambassador Program

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How interested are you in doing tabling events(resource fairs, health fairs, etc.)?*
How interested are you in doing speaking engagements (presentations about Safe Harbor and domestic violence) ?*
How interested are you in distributing brochures and posters to strategic locations (hospitals, stores, churches, etc.) ?*
How interested are you in doing survivor speaking engagements (tell your personal story/experience with DV)?*
What counties are you willing to do outreach activities in? (Check all that apply)*
What communities would you be especially interested in doing outreach activities with? (Check all that apply)*