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7 Gems I Learned After A Bad Relationship

  1.  Never Walk On Eggshells

Love is a feeling of strong and constant affection for a person, and in this context, it’s all about romantic love. Respect on the other hand, is a feeling of understanding or admiration that something or someone should be treated in an appropriate way. In a relationship, respect may even be more crucial than love. And often times, you can’t really separate love from respect because as far as I am concerned, love is respect.

  1.  All Ways Trust Your Instincts. Be Aware.

When something is wrong or seems a bit off balance you can sense it. You feel it. There was a point in the relationship where I knew something was off because the information that person had told me was no longer adding up. I even had outside people approach me with their concerns about my involvement with this person. Something inside of me just told me that these people wouldn’t tell me this to cause drama because it seemed genuinely intentional. In addition, the relationship was emotionally abusive to the extent that I would back out of enjoying time with friends because he would make me feel guilty about leaving him to hang out with others. The power of intuition is something we all have and we should trust it more than we do.

  1. Pay Attention To How You Feel When You’re Around Your Significant Other

It was until later in my relationship with this person that I realized I felt that I lacked a little power in it. I personally believe my kindness was taken for granted by the person. However, when you share space with your significant other you should feel like you’re on vacation. You should feel appreciated and valued. It literally is a feeling you cannot deny. You know if you feel silenced or less confident or maybe you don’t even have the desire to be around them because of how they treat you.

  1. Remember That Love Begins Within

Being able to share a romance with someone is a special experience that I believe everyone deserves. But the more and more I learn about relationships, especially romantic relationships, the most important thing for us humans to do is to love who we are. We have to be madly in love with who we are right now at the weight you are, the way your hair falls to your shoulders or grows out of your head, the color of your skin, the mistakes you’ve made, or even the current burdens you may carry. Loving yourself fully without condition will enable you to receive love from someone else and be able to offer them the love they deserve also.

  1. Spend Your Time Wisely. Don’t Forget What You Love

Finding balance in a relationship can be hard, especially in the beginning “ honeymoon” stage because you want to spend a lot of time with them. It’s new and fun and you just never want it to end. But I remember that I had slowly begun to not work on my music, other crafts and project and that is not healthy. It is never healthy to abandon your favorite past times or hobbies. Maybe you can incorporate the one you love in the next DiY Project you have, if that’s your thing.

  1. Stay Connected To Your Support System

I’m not one to share every intricate detail of my relationship with family and even friend sometimes. However, it is important that people know that you are in a healthy relationship and that enable them to still be alerted in case strange things happen. I hate to think the worst but it’s nice for people to know who you’re with so that they can simple have your best interest at heart.

  1. Take Care of yourself. Health is Wealth

Always. Always. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Put food in your body that brings and give you life. Drink water to stay hydrated and exercise. Our bodies are meant to move, and also improves your energy levels! Spend time to reflect or journal. Writing out thoughts and speaking them aloud does wonders for me. Affirmations on walls, windows, mirrors, etc. are also extremely important and has so much power. Speak them every day and you will always manifest what you said. When we feel well, we do well, we look well, and we we serves others better.

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